Sikh Society of Harrisburg(SSOH) was incorporated as non-profit organization in 2008 by Sikh/Punjabi community with the idea of bringing Sikh/Punjabi Community together and is building a Gurudwara(Temple), the Sikh’s place of worship  in Harrisburg, PA. The Sikh Society of Harrisburg is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations towards the “SSOH Building Fund” will be applied in accordance with 501(c)(3) parameters and qualify as charitable contributions.

SSOH vision is to build Gurudwara with enough space to hold knowledge sharing sessions about Sikh religion & culture, hold interfaith sessions, celebrate religion & cultural festivals and have daily kirtan(Prayers) sessions.

SSOH started Kirtan(prayers) followed by Langar(food service) which is held once every month with 10-15 families in 2006. As community has grown to around 100 families, it has become immensely difficult to make arrangements for community Kirtan(paryers) in private houses.

Gurudwara project was started in 2013 with high spirits and great esteem by the local community. With the tireless efforts of the community members all hurdles big and small were crossed and laid down the stepping stone. It took 2 years to get all the permits because of red tape(Township, Cumberland County & Penn Dot) and bureaucratic rigmarole to buy the property and begin the construction process. Finally the green light is up ahead! Now we can feel and believe our vision can soon turn into a reality. Site work of the property is complete and this is the critical time for us to start the building construction. Depending on the donations we receive, we will have to finalize the building size & type.

The SSOH committee is making a humble request to Sangat(everyone) for their generosity to please donate as much as you can for this noble cause. We need to raise $500,000 to successfully complete the project. Please know that all donations no matter how big or small are needed and highly appreciated!

The SSOH is a non-profit organization and all the funds needed to build the place of worship are generated through its fund-raising efforts. Every dollar we receive will go towards building fund and every member in the committee is volunteering for the society.